Life Less Ordinary is a family-run business based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Scott and Eleni are committed to creating products that enhance our daily lives.   We believe in setting goals, being goofy, drinking caffeine, enjoying the sunshine, and making personal connections in this increasingly impersonal world.    

In addition to their day jobs, Scott and Eleni are both incredibly active.  Eleni is an eight-time marathoner and also teaches group fitness classes at multiple locations. She has been described as having the energy of a Jack Russell terrier, and even runs while mowing the lawn.  Scott has completed two 100-mile bike rides in addition to a marathon and multiple half-marathons.  He is the quieter one of the crowd, but can also manage a pack of Cub Scouts with the best of them.  

Eleni is currently training for a speedy half-marathon in 2017 and hopefully the Marine Corps Marathon.  Can you help by babysitting during a training run?  That would be great.  Scott is working on an endurance bike event in Indy.

Besides physical challenges, Scott and Eleni love to travel and keep busy with their two sons.

From our family to yours, here's to making your days less ordinary.