Start a MM blog? OK!

Top 5 reasons to start a Mile Markings blog:

#5 I (Eleni) love a good convo. I’m a talker. I’m not necessarily a writer or techno-savvy, which is why I think this says that Scott has authored all of the posts :), but there’s something great about having a personal connection to a business page. We’re real people. We do all of this in our spare time because we love it and it’s fun, and hopefully the blog will show you how much fun we have!

#4 Sometimes we have more to say than a picture caption (social media problems) but we also don’t want to clog up inboxes with emails (do you read those? I’m afraid you don’t).

#3 It’s a nice, non-scheduled way to keep connected to our site. Will we post daily/weekly/every full moon? I have no idea. Let’s make a deal: we’ll only post when we have something to say, no matter how often (or not often) that is.

#2 Our little corner of the universe has some fun stories to share: about training, about races, about families, about racing and training and traveling with families. We’d love to do that here so you can see what we’ve been up to and why we believe so much in the power of running. Do we have the most unique, never-been-told, holy moley hold on to your sweatbands you’ll never BELIEVE this experience? Probs not. We’re pretty average. But man, we love the community of endurance athletes and we’re so happy to be a part of it.

#1 We hear a lot of great stories from athletes and we needed a place to share them. We’d love to have guest contributors and highlight awesome races and tell extraordinary and inspiring tales that make you want to grab your <insert fave brand shoes> and GO!

Let’s do this!